Wise JetSearch

Wise JetSearch 4.1

Search files and folders in various formats on local drives and removable drives

Searching for a specific file or folder within Windows is not precisely a quick or a gratifying experience. The tiny Search window in the File Explorer is neither quick nor especially efficient, and there is where a free tool like Wise JetSearch can come to the rescue. This tiny yet powerful tool may be the perfect option to replace your Windows limited search capabilities once and for all.

The program opens two interfaces when first launched. One is the expected large window where you can perform your searches and see the results, while the other is a small search box (referred to as “quick search window”) that you can choose to run together with JetSearch or not. On the main interface is where you can customize your searches a bit more thoroughly. Here you can select the local drive(s) where you want your searches to be performed and input the keywords you are looking for.

When it comes to the keywords you can use, they can be the exact name of a file or folder or just a part of it. If you do not remember certain characters on a name, you can use the “?” sign as a wildcard. The program will display all files and folders on the selected drives right away, including hidden files. Together with the file/folder name, you will see its full path to help you locate the file, as well as the size, the date it was modified, and its type (actually, its extension).

If you right-click on the results, a context menu will open offering you a short list of options. You can open a specific file or folder from here, copy them, display their properties, select all items or none of them with one click, and even copy the path or the directory of the selected file.

It is a pity that such a powerful search engine does not come with other file-related functions that would certainly make it a really powerful tool. I would just love it to see it grow in the future with more functionality that would help us make the most of our files once we have located them in our disk, such as renaming features or options to locate duplicates, for instance. However, we must not forget that JetSearch is a free utility that offers its unquestionably fast search capabilities to all of us at no cost, and that is something to be always grateful for.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces quick results
  • Displays the file properties
  • Copies and deletes selected files
  • Opens the folder where the file is located


  • Does not offer any advanced file-related functionality
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